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The World's First and Only 100% Aluminum Wake Surf Boats

AL26 Wake Boat


Pavati’s revolutionary 26’ AL26 wakesurfing boat has set a new standard in luxury and performance for the wake boat industry. The AL26 is yacht certified by the NMMA and is the world’s first 100% all-aluminum wake boat. Our cutting-edge manufacturing methods, decades of aluminum fabrication experience and team of talented engineers worked in concert to create the first hybrid water sport boat. Depending on your passion, the Pavati AL26 will be the only wake boat, surf boat or ski boat you’ll ever want to use. Our Triple Threat Technology means your AL26 will be the envy of every wakeboarder, wakesurfer and skier on the water.

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2019 Black/Brown Pavati AL26
2019 Green/White Pavati AL26
2019 White/Orange Pavati AL26

AL26 Wake Boat Size & Specs

The AL26 is a monster of a machine that’s powered by a 575HP base motor that leaves the competition bobbing in its massive wake. Sitting pretty with nearly 6,000lbs of hard-tank in-floor ballast, this wakesurfing boat is indisputably king of the water. Yacht certification means the captain decides on the number of passengers, so whether you’re tearing up the lake or just the best-looking boat in the marina, the AL26 is the ultimate party boat destination.

  • Boat Length 26'8"
  • Boat Height 9'3"
  • Beam 8'6"
  • Construction 100% Aluminum
  • Interior Width 6'8"
  • Weight 5760 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity 81 gal
  • Storage 132 cu ft
  • Ballast Capacity 5988 lbs
  • Draft 28"
  • Color Options Infinite
  • Capacity Yacht Certified
  • Engine Max 575 HP Raptor
  • Seating Captain's Choice

NEW For 2019

Pavati AL26 Wake Boat Construction

Computer Designed Hull

Every aspect has been carefully planned and engineered using the most advanced manufacturing software available. After design, we use marine software to run scenarios on the structural integrity and water flow of the hull. With such sophisticated technology and extensive testing, we know what kind of performance and waves to expect from the boat before it ever reaches the production floor.

Quality Materials

Since the beginning, Pavati has set out to build world-class wake boats out of the best materials on earth. We've refused to cut corners and continue to seek out manufacturing methods and materials that improve the quality and durability of our AL Series machines. We take pride in our American manufacturing and refuse to sacrifice quality to save a buck or two. As a result, Pavati AL Series wake boats stand alone, with no competition in sight, as the most durable surf boats in the world.


The lightweight construction of the Pavati AL26 Wake Boat is not to be taken lightly. The AL26 Wake Boat weighs in at a slim dry weight, making it the same weight as fiberglass boats that are WAY smaller in size! This makes your Pavati easier to tow and handle, and saves you some coin in gas money over the course of your boating summers.

Zero Flex Tower

For as long as wake boats and surf boats have been on the water, towers have been installed using a bolt-on application method. Our fully aluminum, collapsible tower is welded into the boat. No bolts and no screws mean zero flex, which means tension stays consistent in the tow line. No more towers being attached to fiberglass. One more advantage a 100% aluminum hull has over fiberglass.

Nano Coating

Pavati's exclusive Nano Coating finish is the ultimate protection against the elements and provides excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. Marine-grade nanotechnology coatings were designed specifically to further protect aluminum and other hard surfaces, helping prevent normal wear and tear and minimize maintenance. This aluminum particle treatment technology, along with other surface modification techniques, coating methods and materials for treating aluminum, serves as a platform on which aluminum nanoparticle surfaces can be protected for a broad range of uses.

No. Fiberglass. Ever.

Zero maintenance and zero oxidation. Oxidation on fiberglass boats is that chalky substance from being in the sun. An aluminum hull is up to 40% lighter than a fiberglass hull, and there’s nothing to oxidize. This means better fuel economy, more stock ballast, faster hole shots and higher top-end speeds. Aluminum also has 10x the sheer strength of fiberglass. Hitting debris in the water or running your boat up on the shore isn't going to put a giant hole in a Pavati. No fiberglass means no nasty gel coats, no durability concerns and greener manufacturing.

No Plastic

Just like fiberglass, plastic becomes brittle and breaks over time. That's why we don't use plastic hardware. All accessories are aluminum and stainless, welded and fully integrated into the boat. That goes for the dashboard, too, meaning it will never break, crack, or need replacing. Just another reason we can say that a Pavati is the last boat you'll ever want.

Fully Welded

When we say that the AL26 Wake Boat is fully welded, we mean that after 400+ hours of welding per boat, every seam is welded completely. There are no tack welds, rivets, glued seams, or screws holding the frame together. This adds tremendous strength to the body and allows you to beach the boat wherever you want, without damaging the hull.

Pavati AL26 Wake Boat Electronics & Technology

Underwater Night Lighting

Anything worth doing, Pavati just overdoes. The AL26 Wake Boat comes outfitted with 360-degree underwater LED lighting. If you've never ended a killer day on the water with some tunes under the stars, you haven't lived.

Waterproof Remote

The Pavati waterproof remote allows a wake surf rider to adjust the surf wave to their specific riding style, in real time. Gone are the days of screaming and hollering at the driver to make adjustments for you. Now you can do it yourself, when you want to.

Premium RGB Lighting

The AL26 Wake Boat comes standard with premium RGB lighting on every speaker and throughout the boat. An epic light show that illuminates the exterior of the boat on the water, including surf lighting, which means you have the ability to keep the party going all through the night. Whether your surf session ends after the sun goes down, or you’re an early-bird, "glass water only" rider, you'll always have the light. You haven't experienced a day on the lake until you've been on a Pavati when the sun goes down.

Wet Sounds System

We teamed up with Wet Sounds engineers and designed the most epic sound system ever offered in a wake boat. Due to the high cost, the Wet Sounds Sinister Series is a higher-end amp than any other boat manufacturer will use in their sound systems. Over 9,000 watts of pure power scream through Wet Sounds speakers located everywhere we could possibly put one. There are speakers in the dash, built in on the floor skirt and built in at ear level in the Heliarc™ tower. You can hear a Pavati bumping clear tracks from anywhere on the water.

Garmin Helm™ App

Control your entire experience on the water from your hand with the Garmin Helm™ app. From anywhere in your Pavati, you can access your Garmin Command Center and select the next song, turn up the volume on the Wet Sounds stereo, you name it.

Garmin Command Center

The Garmin 17" screen Command Center features highly detailed freshwater maps, include 17,000+ U.S. lakes, rivers and reservoirs. These charts include more than 13,000 HD lakes with 1-foot contours shoreline to shoreline and excellent detail of underwater features. Shallow Water Shading that allows you to designate a minimum depth. The maps also show interstates, highways, general roads and bridges; designated fishing areas; and points of interest, such as docks, boat ramps, marinas and campgrounds.

Surf Screen™

World, please meet the exclusive Pavati Surf Screen™. We teamed up again with Garmin Marine to bring you another revolutionary feature never before seen in the boating world. While surfing a massive AL26 Wake Boat wave, the Surf Screen™ embedded in the transom feeds the wake surfer live boat data such as how fast the boat is going, which allows the surfer to perfectly adjust the boat speed to their ideal liking. Why didn't anybody think of this before?

Pavati AL26 Wake Boat Features

Custom Trailer

What good does a custom Pavati do you without a fully custom trailer? Your Pavati should look just as good on the road as it does on the water. Choose from our available options of wheels to fully deck out your new whip to the highest level possible.

Swivel Racks

Our swivel racks from Roswell Marine are the best in the game. Keep your boards nice and tight while you’re towing your buddies, and when you’re ready to switch it up, swivel the racks into the boat for the most convenient board switch possible. These are awesome.

Break Away Skag

CNC'd from raw billet aluminum, customized to match your boat, and designed to break away from the hull on impact. Even the skag is a work of art.

Pickle Fork Bow

The first-ever true pickle fork on the massive bow of the AL24 Wake Boat opens up super wide and deep for enough space to get your own little party going. We engineered the bow for the toughest look on the water, plenty of space for your Pavati passengers, additional storage and an insane additional 600 lbs. of ballast.

Vast Storage

Thanks to the the all-aluminum design, the AL26 Wake Boat has massive dual transom storage areas and plenty of room for boards and life jackets. The AL26 Wake Boat in total boasts an enormous amount of total designated storage space.

Premium Flooring

The triple-thick marine turf we use in our boats is the best in the industry. It’s heat and stain resistant, so you can enjoy both comfort and peace of mind that we have you covered. Not to mention, our marine turf is fully customizable to add that last step of personalization to your Pavati build.

Engine Hood

Every Pavati boat comes standard with a fully accessible engine hood. This Pavati trademark gives you complete, on-the-water access to your engine compartment. Once again, we have the 100% aluminum construction of the AL Series to thank for making this next-level feature possible.

Open Bow

With our distinct pickle fork bow design, you get the most space possible out of your boat without interfering with the patented shape of the AL26 Wake Boat. That means more people on the boat, as well as more storage space and ballast.

Chilled Cupholders

Why go to all the trouble of packing your beverages in a cooler full of ice and keeping them chilled right up to the moment you take one out to drink? Normal cup holders allow your drink to heat up in the sun. In a Pavati, a drink goes from the cooler to a chilled cup holder, and it stays cold while you’re enjoying it.

Captain's Chair

The custom swiveling bolster captain's seat is designed at the perfect height to see everything, with a fold up booster block to give you that extra boost when piloting a full-ballasted machine. You sit in this baby one time and you'll wish you had these in your house!

21 Cup Holders

21 cup holders throughout the boat, including 3 for the driver. When was the last time you were on a boat with too many cup holders? Yeah, us either.

Convenience Drawer

It never fails, when you have a boat full of people, you have a boat full of smartphones, wallets and personal items that always seem to find their way onto the floor or in some cases the lake. Not anymore! This waterproof, locking storage drawer is easily one of the most practical and functional features on the AL26 Wake Boat. It keeps valuables and personal belongings readily accessible and out of the water and sun.

Passthrough Storage

Accessible from the trademark Surf Lounge™, Pavati's oversized passthrough storage compartments offer the most storage of any wake boat on the water. Two HUGE passthrough compartments lined with premium marine carpet hold more boards and accessories than you could possibly load your boat up with. These massive compartments are made possible with the AL26 Wake Boat’s 100% aluminum fabrication, which doesn’t require excess material to achieve its strength.

Master Upholstered

Every Pavati AL26 Wake Boat is master upholstered by our in-house upholstery team. Every square inch of every stitch, logo, premium seat cushion and interior accent has been carefully handled by our experts. Describing the AL26 Wake Boat seating areas as luxurious and comfortable is a great start, but doesn't do them true justice.

Surf Lounge™

Pavati's full-length Surf Lounge™ is the world's first TRUE full-length, rear-facing couch on a wake boat. Since the revolutionary introduction of this concept, other manufacturers have done everything they can to replicate it, but always fall sadly short. Ours is constructed with luxe cushions and topped with hand-stitched upholstery, and it’s actually comfortable, in contrast to the thin "pads" and cheap vinyl used by other manufacturers. The Surf Lounge™ seats up to four passengers and sports armrests, cup holders and stereo controls.

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