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2019 Red/White Pavati AL24



This all-new 2019 AL24 is making its way through the fabrication stage, and is ready for your personal touch to finish it off.  This AL24 will be loaded from bow to stern with all of Pavati’s exclusive features such as our revolutionary Bow AND Stern Thruster System, the Heliarc™ Tower, Wet Sounds sound system, Pavati’s trademark Surf Lounge™, the wake world’s only 17″ Garmin touch screen and many more features. The customization is entirely up to you. Call us today to learn more about turning this AL24 into your dream boat.


The 100% all-aluminum Pavati AL24 sits factory standard with nearly 5,000lbs of in-floor ballast that fills in 90 seconds or less, 116 cubic feet of storage space, an 67 gallon fuel tank and many more stats that destroy the standard. Visit the AL24 Wake Boat page for more specs and measurements.

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