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October 19, 2016

Pavati Teams Up With theCHIVE for Summer Video Shoot

Recently the Pavati team was invited out to Austin, Texas to team up with theCHIVE for their annual Summer Kickoff video shoot. When we got the call from the crew at theCHIVE to make the trek out to Austin, it was a no brainer. How could you turn down a day full of house boating, wake surfing and more with “Probably the Best Site in the World”?

For the occasion, we hitched up our NEW 2016 AL24 Surf Edition and headed to the widely known Lake Travis out of Austin, TX. What a perfect setting for this boat to do what it was built to do. By the time we got on the water, saying this boat turned heads would be insulting. This machine is a cold-blooded show stopper! We can’t wait for the footage and photos to come back from theCHIVE HQ. We’ll be sure to share with you when they do.


A great time was had with the crew, and we can’t wait for the final edit of the video to come out! About as much fun as possible was stuffed into one day for us including being stalked by drones, handing out Pavati gear to theCHIVE team and video models, and even surfing the one and only Whitney Miller (Miss US 2012), behind the Pavati! We were impressed. She can rip!

All of that to say that this gorgeous boat is FOR SALE. Let us be the first to tell you that this boat was the talk of the lake that day, and can’t wait for somebody to get their hands on it! Not often do we have a new 2016 available, especially one that’ll forever have a claim to fame! Just think, you’d get to tell all your buddies that Miss US 2012 herself surfed behind your boat. And in a couple months, it’ll be featured in a special YouTube video that we’d bet will tally a million views.  That’s not bad at all! Give us a call today and let’s get you in a new Pavati. (541)-778-0584

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