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Is an aluminum boat loud?

Not if it’s engineered and built properly. Pavati wakeboarding boats are built with much thicker materials than your standard, thin-gauge aluminum fishing boats – as much as 10 times thicker. On top of that, we stiffen up any areas that might flex to remove any “oil canning.” We also carpet or dynamat all compartments to eliminate any possible leftover noise. Your Pavati sounds like a wood boat on the water.

Why Aluminum?

Can you add more ballast to my boat?

Absolutely! Since we’re working with aluminum, it’s super easy for you to request more ballast in lieu of storage – up to 600 LBS! It’s just one more way that an aluminum wake boat gives you more options.

How easy is it to repair a damaged aluminum boat?

Aluminum isn’t vulnerable to spider cracks, rot or shatters. In fact, Pavati boats are built with such strong material that even dents are hardly a concern. That means most repairs will be for scratches to the paint or vinyl. And that’s as easy as a dab of touch-up paint!

Why Aluminum?

How long does paint hold up over time as compared to gel coats?

We use only Imron™ heavy duty industrial paint. It’s much harder than standard paint, and a lot harder than gel coat. That means it takes a lot more to hurt it. Also, gel coats oxidize very quickly – that’s why fiberglass boats turn “chalky” and need to be buffed so often. You won’t ever need to do that with your aluminum boat!

I want to fully customize the wrap on my boat. Is that possible?

Yes! You can either design your own boat wrap using an Adobe Illustrator template that we can provide for you, or if you’re not Illustrator savvy, simply contact us and we can put you in touch with our custom graphic designers at no cost.

Won’t an aluminum wake boat get hot in the sun?

No. One of the great properties of aluminum is that it distributes heat quickly, rather than conducting it. That means you can spend all day in the sun, but your boat (depending on the paint color) won’t get hot. Consider aluminum foil. When you pull it out of the oven, it’s cool enough to touch almost immediately. Same thing with a beverage can. Leave one out in the sun once you’re done with it, pick it up an hour later. Is it hot? Nope.

Why Aluminum?

Isn't aluminum heavier than fiberglass?

No. Aluminum has a stronger weight-to-strength ratio than fiberglass, so Pavati is able to make a boat that is much lighter than fiberglass, yet as much as 10 times stronger!

Why Aluminum?

What kind of warranty does Pavati offer?

Every Pavati wake boat comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Why Aluminum?

That is our favorite question! We love that question so much, we made a video for it. Check it out on our Why Aluminum page.

Why Aluminum?
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