UPDATE: The 2017 AL-26 Build

19 Jul UPDATE: The 2017 AL-26 Build

The anticipation is building. Sparks are flying at Pavati HQ as the 2017 Pavati AL-26 builds are moving through the manufacturing process. Here is a sneak peek at what is going on behind the scenes of the revolutionary AL-26. If you haven’t already, subscribe for updates on the AL-26 and be the first to know when the latest news is available! SUBSCRIBE HERE.

The 2017 AL-26 will showcase a combination of features that have never been dreamed of in a tow boat. As a matter of fact, we’ve taken it so far to the next level, that the word “revolutionary” may not even come close to doing it justice. When will the first look of the AL-26 in action be available to the public? You better SIGN UP HERE to be the first to know!



In the Fall of 2016, the revolution will continue. Don’t miss the launch!

Pavati Wake Boats are proudly manufactured in Southern Oregon at the Highway Products Inc. headquarters. Pavati was born out of the HPI factory where we have been manufacturing the highest grade of aluminum truck accessories since 1980 and remain the industry leaders in that space. Pavati also has a line of the most innovative and luxurious drift boats on the planet in Pavati Marine.

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