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We've been building the most high-end, handcrafted aluminum truck products since 1980. We aren't new, we just finally decided to build a different kind of premium product. The difference? This one floats.


We weren't interested in starting a boat company to just play the game. We started our company to change the game. And that's what we did. We created our own class and provide our boat customers with something they've never received: VIP treatment.


We've been boat people all our lives. No detail was overlooked. Every element in a Pavati boat is functional and optimized. From the chilled cup holders to the Transom Surf Lounge™, every square inch is a dream come true.


If the auto industry can have luxury vehicles that outperform any standard make or model, why can't the boating industry? We weren't late to the party! We started it. Just ask our loyal customers.


When was the last time you beached your fiberglass boat without cringing? How many fiberglass boats last for a lifetime? Just a couple reasons why aluminum is king. That's why nobody else can offer a lifetime transferable warranty on their hull. We can, and we do.

Custom Options

Five in-house engineers with cutting-edge technology means that if you have something you want to see in your boat, we can probably do it. No two Pavatis are the same. Your boat is an extension of your lifestyle. From the interior to the wrap, It's all you; we're just here to build your dream boat.


After five years of research and development, Pavati was officially established in 2008 when we set out to build the first aluminum v-drive wake boat. We were successful in doing exactly that. Many people ask us, “If building an aluminum wake boat is such a game changer, then why hasn’t it been done before?” It’s a fair question, and the answer is simple: Until now, it hasn’t been possible. With recent innovations in technology and our investment in state-of-the-art software and machinery, building a boat was well within our reach. Our 40 years of experience building the most durable and complex aluminum work truck solutions such as service bodies and flatbeds didn’t hurt, either.

Our biggest challenge? What to call our boat company, and we think we nailed it there: Pavati means “clear water” in the Native American Hopi language. Fast forward to now, and we have Pavati wake and surf boats floating all over the world. The revolution began with an idea, and now we can proudly say that we changed the game forever and took wake boats to an entirely new level. We stand alone at the top in terms of performance, functionality and, of course, the sexy look of our boats.

We here at Pavati are the proud manufacturers of the most premium wake boats on the planet.

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