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Why Aluminum?

Sneak Peek #1 – Fabrication

Did you know?

"Pavati is first company in the world which introduced an all-aluminum and fully welded boat for wakeboarding and wakesurfing."

"At the production stage we can implement correction in construction and design on a client request. This is possible for aluminum boats only."

"The AL-24 is built from 0.25″ aluminum, making it significantly stronger than its fiberglass counterparts, and yet requiring far less room for structural support. That means more room for storage, more seating, and a fully integrated welded ballast. And with a solid aluminum body, it doesn’t need a “rub rail” to hide the 2-piece hull. That means more strength and a classier presentation."

"When we say that the AL-24 is fully welded, we mean that every seam is welded completely. There are no tack welds, rivets, glues, or screws holding the frame together. This adds tremendous strength to the body, allowing you to beach the boat wherever you want, without damaging the hull."

"Pavati wake boats are now powered by Indmar / Ford Raptor engines. The Ford Raptor 440 is standard on the AL-24 and AL-24s models, whereas the AL-24LE comes standard with the 6.2L ROUCHCHARGED 575. Other engine options include the GM Corvetted LS3, SuperCharged Cadillac LSA V-8 and Mercury 8.2L diesel motor."

"We’ve integrated the largest wake boat ballast ever into the AL-24. Spanning from the transom to the bow, the AL-24 ballast offers a whopping 4,200 LBS. stock ballast, with a 5,000 LBS. option. That makes the AL-24 not only the lightest 24′ wake boat on the road, but also the heaviest 24′ wake boat in the water."

"Our in-house graphics department has created several stock designs, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them! If you are familiar with design, you can download a template and create your own vinyl design in Adobe Illustrator or can order person custom design from our in-house designers."

"For decades, our polyurethane enamel DuPont™ Imron® has been the finish of choice by leading heavy-duty truck, commercial vehicle, aircraft, boat, industrial application and specialty vehicle manufacturers, and here at Pavati we use only the highest quality paint."

"The V-drive hull design provides stable boat on the water in the presence of waves, significantly improves maneuverability and softens move boats when moving through the waves up and down."


Hot Brunette with Pavati Wake Boat

March 20, 2015


Pavati Orange Keel Wake Boat

March 20, 2015


Captain of the Pavati Wake Boat

March 20, 2015


Pavati Green Machine Wake Boat

March 20, 2015


Pavati Green Sunburst Wake Boat

March 20, 2015


Pavati and Phase 5 Wake Surf Boards

March 20, 2015


Pavati Blue Squared Wake Boat

March 20, 2015


Pavati Wake Board Rack

March 20, 2015

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